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Download Order Forms

Note to User:

While we are still working on our new and improved online ordering catalog (expecting completion any day now), these forms are for your convenience for placing your orders.

The forms are set to calculate your totals. However, this is just for guidance. There may be formulas that do not work properly depending on the version you are using.

Please use the forms to place your order by email or print them out and mail them.

Please understand, these forms are for guidance and convenience of placing your order. The calculations will not be considered final by our office.


The tabs below will take you to the particular form you want.

Enter your information at the top. Be sure to enter a requested ship date.

The Order date will be the date you open the file, so that date will change if you reopen the file at a later date. This is important because the Early Order Discount on some forms are calculated based on the two dates.

When you are finished:

You can save the file and email it back to us at . (Be sure to use Save As and use a different file name.)

If you export to a PDF you will have to export each form you are using separately.

Also, you can print the form and mail or fax it to us.

Mail to:

Westel Greenhouse, LLC
49 Marble Dr.
Rockwood, TN  37854
Fax: 865-354-2929